Monday, 22 November 2010

Further Painting Research

Another artist associated with Surrealism is Rene Magritte. His work again plays with the themes of reality, which led him to produce a number of thought provoking images that are designed to make the audience more sensitive to their surroundings.

When Magritte was 13 his mother committed suicide by drowning herself in a nearby lake, this being the third or fourth time she had attempted to take her own life over as many years. Though it has recently been questioned, researchers have said that Magritte was present when his mother was found dead and that her dress was covering her face, which could be a reason that he so often obscures the face in his work, as seen in the paintings below:

Though they are very interesting, these paintings are not why Rene Magritte stood out at me as a strong possibility to work from for the project. He also produced a lot of work around strange impossible environments like the paintings below:

I thought these images were pretty cool and could be a great place to work from and maybe a develop an idea in the style of these pictures. I also thought that the picture below could be really cool to work from also. I know that it is still set in an area based firmly around geometric objects, but I thought that on a very simple level this painting would be an amazing environment to move around in 3D, with all the figures on different levels being completely still in free space:

Despite being quite interested in Magritte's work I still didn't think it would fit the project that well. I'm just not getting that warm fuzzy feeling.

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